The Aesop empire

I want to be the Aesop store designer. Everyone knows their shops, and certainly more because of their gorgeous interior design than the fantastic products they sell in! There is a good reason for that: the shops are just stunning! 

Je veux être l'architecte des boutiques Aesop. Tout le monde reconnait leurs magasins, et certainement plus pour leur magnifique architecture intérieure que les superbes produits qu'ils vendent! Et il y a une bonne raison pour ça: les boutiques sont simplement stupéfiantes!

Aesop London store by Studio Ilse

Établis à Melbourne il y a une vingtaine d'années, la compagnie Aesop se spécialise dans les produits de soin de peau haute qualité utilisant seulement les meilleurs ingrédients à base de plantes. Il semble que le concept a séduit le public et ils ont aujourd'hui 44 boutiques à travers l'Australie, l'Europe, l'Asie et les Etats-Unis. Chacun d'eux est unique en qualité d'architecture, de matériau et texture, conçus et dessinés individuellement pour que chaque boutique soit le réflexion et la célébration de son emplacement.

"Nos boutiques sont uniques dans le domaine de la vente et ont très peu en commun entre eux à part une ambiance accueillante. Nous considérons nos boutiques comme des vitrines pour nos produits de haute-qualité."

Established 20 years ago in Melbourne, the Aesop skincare company focuse on superlative products using the finest plant-based ingredients and non-botanical elements such as anti-oxydants. Their concept seduced the public and they have now 44 signature stores across Australia, Europe, Asia and The United state. Everyone of them is unique in architectural, material and textural quality, conceived and designed individually so as that each store is a reflection and celebration of its location. 

"Our stores are unique in the retail landscape and have little in common with one another aside from a welcoming ambience. We regard our stores as showcases for our highly prized products."

Aesop Armalade store by Ryan Russel

Aesop Chatswood store by Ryan Russell

"In Adelaide, we used thousands of glass bottles to create a wave-like amber ceiling. In London, we 
used muted greens and reclaimed furniture and fittings to lend the required air of elegance. In Eslite, Taipei, our products are surrounded by fields of books. And in Paris, we crafted fittings of leather and steel because those materials seemed, for reasons lyrical, right for the space. Our concern with design applies to our containers, labels and bamboo gift boxes also – all are highly functional and carefully considered objects, modest in appearance but the end result of much thinking. We believe unequivocally that good design can improve your life."

Aesop Bondi Beach store by Zenta Tanaka

Aesop Doncaster store by Ryan Russel

Aesop Melbourne Myer store by Ryan Russell

Aesop New York kiosk by Tacklebox

Aesop Adelaide store by March studio

Aesop Paris store at Le Marais by Cigue

Aesop Paris store at Merci by March studio
Je crois que je vais faire un peu de shopping moi...
Aren't they amazing? I think I got some shopping to do... 

Images: Aesop