Happy Poisson d'Avril!

 "Above water" and "Wishing well" by Roger Arquer

Joyeux Poisson d'Avril! Prêts à découper vos poissons dans du joli papier, les décorer et leur faire des yeux disproportionnés? Moi oui...

Today is April's fool day! We call it "Poisson d'Avril". It was my favourite day as a kid! We tell jokes and prank people as everyone in the world, but the fun part is the fish twist! 

We do cut up all kinds of paper in fish shapes, decorate them and stick them to people's backs.The trick is not to get caught and when the joke is discovered we would shout "Poisson D'Avril"!
The bravest kids would stick paper fish to the teacher's back!
I was brave. And I spent a lot of time in the classroom corner... So much fun!

Le 1er Avril me fait toujours un peu envie de retourner en enfance, époque d’insouciance et douceur. Quelques images pour illustrer... 
It makes me want to go bqck to this playful, simple and innocent period. 
Some sweet pics for the April's Fish Day...


Joyeux Poisson d'Avril!
Happy April's Fish Day !