Jme by Pearl Fisher

Nous connaissons tous quelqu'un qui achète toujours les gâteaux les plus chers juste parce que la boite est "jolie" non? Bon, j'en fait partie. Et il me semble que la collection Jme créée par Pearl Fisher ne va pas m'aider dans le bon sens...

Do you know anyone who buys the most expensive jam just because of the jar? Well, I am one of them. And it seems that the Jme collection by PearlFisher won't help me to stop...

Jme est une collection éclectique de produits inspirée par Jamie Oliver et son approche relaxée de manger, recevoir, profiter de la vie. PearlFisher London a créé l'image de marque et le packaging est superbe! Le design est frais, simple, coloré et soucieux de l'environnement. J'adore les étiquettes façon fait-main et la référence traditionnel des pots en verre. Comment résister?!

Jme is an eclectic collection of products inspired by Jamie Oliver's relaxed approach of eating, entertaining and enjoying life. PearlFisher London created the new brand identity and the packaging is fantastic! The design is fresh, colorful, and environmentally friendly. Special love for the handwritten labels and the reference of  traditionnal artisan products. I can't resist.

Nathalie Chung, Creative director at Pearlfisher said: "The distinctive logo and corporate identity has a fresh, emotive and considered feel. It is collaborative and adaptable, allowing the Jme brand to exist in a fluid and natural way.

The strikingly original packaging for this eclectic lifestyle range reflects the specific function of each product it contains within it, and uses the bold Jme logo as a way of holding the collection together. In addition where possible all packaging is 100% recyclable or is recycled."

Images: Pearl Fisher