Folding paper typography

Bonjour! Here I am, in my home country, dear old France, and it's just so good! To start the week, I found this cut and fold-happy typeface via Pleat Farm and they are amazing! For your viewing pleasure...

Hello hello! Me voici enfin de retour dans ma bonne vieille France et ce n'est que du bonheur. Pour bien commencer la semaine, j'ai trouver ces typographies par découpage-pliage via Pleat Farm et ils sont absolument superbes! Pour le plaisir des yeux...

Folding paper typeface by Graphiatrist

Folded paper font by Daniella Spinat

Folded paper type by Konstantin Datz

Folding paper typography by Elin Svensson

Empo faceted typeface by Losiento

Paper alphabet by Sculpture today by Sonya Dyakova

Paper type made of 180 hand-cut, spiraling layers of paper by Bianca Chang ("how to make the A" video below)


Have a wonderful day!

Via Pleat Farm