PJP residence by Mim Design

For the people living in Melbourne, I am sure you already know Mim design. They are one of the most talentuous and successful interior design studio there. Elegant, simple, almost classic, I love their style.
Pour ceux vivant à Melbourne, je suis certaine que vous connaissez déjà Mim design. C'est une des agences de design d'intérieur les plus talentueuses et reconnues là-bas. Élégant, simple, presque classique, j'adore leur style.

Directed by two women, Miriam Fanning and Felicity Watts, the Melbourne based interior design firm works on residential projects, retail, hospitality, branding and even styling. Their interiors are clean and simple but, at the same time, soft and comfortable. They use a lot of neutral tones as a base layer and then bring some warmth with touches of brighter colours. I love their use of natural timber. And the PJP residence is a perfect example of their work (read more at the end of the post).

Dirigé par deux femmes, Miriam Fanning et Felicity Watts, l'agence d'intérieur melbournienne travaille sur des projets résidentiels,hôtelerie, boutiques, image de marque et même stylisme. Leur intérieurs sont soignés et simples, en restant doux et rassurants. Beaucoup de tons neutres sont utilisés pour la base et des touches de couleurs apportent un peu de chaleur. J'adore comment le bois naturel est utilisé. Et la résidence PJP est un example parfait de leur travail (plus d'info à la fin du post).

"This residence located at Barwon Heads has a relaxed, simple, coastal feel. A new property with a lived-in look was achieved through teh use of textural finishes. The inclusion of detailed timber floors and lining boards added to the soft chalky feel, whilst strong pockets of colour created a feature palette throughout. All furniture was selected mindful of the young energetic family that inhabits the property on a regular basis."

Images via Mim design