The Product Design series: Tube Toys

Special post today from a new contributor to this blog. He has a very special thing for design, photography and risotto... Yes, mister M. will be our product design specialist now on and will sometimes contribute to APP to give us a brief inside of that world... Exciting isn't it?
Spécial post aujourd'hui par un nouveau contributeur de ce blog, amoureux de design, de photographie et de risotto. Vous l'avez deviné, mister M. sera notre spécialiste de design d'objet dorénavant et nous invitera de temps en temps à découvrir son monde...

 I remember that when I was a kid, every time someone offered me a toy I would spend a considerable amount of time looking at the box the toy was coming in, and often the packaging would become something the toy would interact with in my playing sessions.
This could be an action figure hiding behind its packaging preparing an ambush against an enemy, or a model car going back to its garage box after a crazy driving performance on the floor of my parents' living room.

Je me souviens que quand j'était petit, à chaque fois que quelqu'un m'offrait un jouet je passais énormément de temps à observer la boite qui le contenait, la manipuler et le packaging devenait en soi un élément de jeux.
Ça pouvait devenir un playmobile caché derrière le carton préparant une attaque contre des ennemis, ou une petite voiture rentrant dans son garage après une course incroyable sur le parquet du salon de mes parents.

Now that I have grown up and become an industrial designer, I am quite aware of the role and benefits that a good packaging can have in the life of any given product, and even if in the majority of the circumstances the box is meant to be promptly thrown away, there are a few examples of extremely clever integration of the packaging into the actual use of the product.

Maintenant que j'ai grandit et suis devenu un designer industriel, je suis beaucoup plus conscient du rôle et intérêt qu'un bon packaging  peut avoir pour un produit, et même si la plupart du temps, la boîte est fait pour être rapidement jeté, il y a quelques exemples de très bonne intégration du packaging dans l'utilisation du produit.

One of the best approaches to this packaging design dilemma is taken by Oscar Diaz, who designed a series of toys for UK based website NPW.
Une des meilleures approches de cette problématique a été prise par Oscar Diaz avec sa collection de jeux pour le site anglais NPW.

From his website:
The "Tube Toys" are a series of vehicles to assemble where the packaging is also part of the product, reducing considerably the amount of material discarded after purchase, and the added cost that traditional packaging involves.
All the parts needed to built each vehicle are contained on a standard cardboard tube which doubles as the packaging and becomes the body of the car, fire engine, train or tractor. Each tube has pre-cut slots and holes to place the wheels axes and other components.

A single stripe of paper displaying all the information needed for the shop ( brand, logo, product name/description and barcode ) is the only bit that will be discarded after purchase.

All the materials used on the product are also recycled and/or recyclable.
The cars are easy to assemble and acknowledge the fact that children often enjoy  playing with the packaging as much as they do with the actual toys.

All these brilliant vehicles have been presented by NPW at the New York International Gift Fair earlier this year.
Tous ces véhicules extraordinaires ont été présentés par NPW à la New York International Gift Fair en début d'année.

Mister M.