Pelt chair by Benjamin Hubert

British designer Benjamin Hubert launched the Pelt chair in collaboration with portuguese manufacturer De La Espada at the London design festival. I just love the simplicity and the minimalisme of this dining chair.
Le designer britannique Benjamin Hubert a lancé la chaise Pelt au Festival de design de Londres en collaboration avec le fabricant portugais De La Espada. La simplicité d'assemblage et le minimalisme de cette chaise empilable en fait sa beauté. Je prends!

From the designer website: "The chair has a thin 8mm plywood shell that wraps around a solid ash frame, akin the skin over an animal’s skeleton. It extends down the front and rear legs with a fluid tab that seamlessly integrates with the solid frame beneath. The frame of the chair has been reduced to a simple cross construction linking the front and rearlegs."

Source: AA13